Appendix 1 - Levels of supervision

The EPAs for the novice are to be signed at level 4 – once competent, they can practice unsupervised but it is not expected that they supervise others.

** Supervision Levels  **** Example: Assessed critically ill patients requiring enteral and oral nutritional support  **
1. Not allowed to practice, observes onlyNovice dietitian is unfamiliar with critical care nutritional screening tools therefore they observe the assessment 
2. Allowed to practice EPA only under proactive, full supervision Novice dietitian and supervisor work together to assess patient’s nutritional support needs 
3. Allowed to practice EPA only under reactive/on-demand supervision Novice dietitian carries out assessment and discusses findings with supervisor 
4. Allowed to practice EPA unsupervised Novice dietitian independently assesses and documents the patient’s nutritional needs 
5. Allowed to supervise others in practice of EPA The novice dietitian supports students or other novice practitioners with simple nutritional assessments